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Raja Ampat, The Pearl of the East

Wonderful Indonesia – Raja Ampat, The Pearl of the East

Raja Ampat, The Pearlof the East “Embrace yer self, lad, ‘cause the ‘long lost’ holiday is coming!” That will be likely said by the ‘Head of Stark House’ from the famous saga ‘Game of Thrones’ upon his children. But that line is also literary happening right now! Do you guys remember, some months ago when Eid’s Ramadhan day off was postponed due the COVID-19 outbreak? Yeah, those postponed days off will come in just a moment! So, the real question is: “Do you already have any plan or destination for vacation?”

Then, if you don’t, let me recommend you the best one – the most wanted holiday site in Indonesia: Raja Ampat, the Pearl of the East. The site is located in the New Guinea Island archipelago, which exactly off the northwest tip of its “Bird’s Head”-shaped peninsula. Within the administration, it is one of the regency in West Papua Province of Indonesia. Before 2004, Raja Ampat was part of Sorong Regency. Nowadays, as the ‘standalone’ regency, Raja Ampat covers about 70.000 square kilometers of area; contains 1500 isle, shoals and cays adjoining the four main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Misool, and Salawati; and has population which more than 47.000 souls.

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Although the beauty of Raja Ampat just went viral in the first decade of 21th century, it is quickly becoming the most craved holiday place in Indonesia. Many famous people, public figure, and telly show went there and did some coverage. In no time, the depiction of its beauty was spread across the world – becoming the number one ranking for the ‘Most Popular Diving Spot’.

As the part of Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat has the richest marine biodiversity on earth. For your information, Coral Triangle is a geographical designation of a roughly triangular-shaped area of tropical marine ecosystem consisted of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Malaysia and Philippines. And even amongst them, Raja Ampat has the greatest diversity of all – it is basically the world class divers’ wet dreams!

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But don’t worry, if you have thalassophobia and prefer not to sink in the depth of waters, the archipelagic scenery of the Islands may also satisfy your mind and soul. Don’t forget to drop in the Pearl of the East’s aces: Raja Ampat’s most photographed site, Pianemo Island; the gorgeous rock summit, Wayag; one of its biggest Island, the Misool; the star-shaped bay, Telaga Bintang; cultural visit and seafood, Sauwandarek, Selpele, and Yanbuba Village; the temporal islet, Pasir Timbul; white sandy beach, the Friwen; also, the miniature of Wayag, Kabui Bay.

            And that’s the article about “Raja Ampat, The Pearl of the East”. In this new normal era, it is not prohibited if you travel and do some vacations. Even actually, those trips are needed in order to boost the nation’s economic condition. But keep in your mind, in order to breaking the COVID’s chain of spread, always regards the health protocols and government’s appeal wherever, whenever and whoever you are. Because it is not just about you, it is all about us, okay?! Don’t forget to share, thank you for reading this article, happy holidays…


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